The Suppliers shown below will be able to provide you with everything needed to build or have built for you a Longrifle or Fowler

                                                                                                      Please click on their links to be directed to their Site’s.

Track of the Wolf                                                       The Rifle Shoppe                                                 Tennessee Valley Mfg.                                              

Phone 763-633-2500                                                   Phone 405-356-2583                                             Phone 662-286-5014                                                     

Full line supplier                                                         Reproduction Antique guns,                             Full line supplier

                                                                                        Kits, parts and supplies



Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading                            Muzzleloader Builder Supply                            Pecatonica River

Phone 601-445-5482                                                    Phone 877-397-3008                                             Phone 815-968-1995

Finished Rifles/Fowlers and kits                             Full line supplier                                                   Gunstocks, wood, parts and kits



Log Cabin Shop                                                          The Gun Works                                                      Frontier Shop

Phone 330-948-1082                                                   Phone 541-741-4118                                             Phone 615-654-4445                                                          

Full line supplier                                                         Full line supplier                                                   Full line supplier



Slussers Custom Guns                                             Cabin Creek Muzzleloading                              Dixons Muzzleloading Shop

Phone 717-486-4817                                                  Phone 717-757-5841                                             Phone 610-756-6271                                  Full time Builder and Kits                   

Full time Builder                                                                                                                                         Full line supplier and Gunmakers Fair


MMP Sabots

Phone 870-741-5019

Supplier of Sabots