The Right Stuff

In Precision gun barrels.

Colerain Barrel Co. was founded in 1990 by Scott Keller and Scott Kelley. The business was bought from R. Paris and Son, from Gettysburg, PA, who were the very first to manufacture swamped barrels on a production scale. Both of us were well suited for the business, I being an Electrical/Mechanical Designer and my business partner, Scott Kelley, a Machinist. We studied under Robert Paris Sr. and Robert Paris Jr. for some time in order to gather the particular skills required for Precision gun barrel manufacturing.

As you can see from the photo to the right that Colerain Barrels made it to Hollywood and not for the first time. We were in “The Patriot” and ” The Last of the Mohicans”.


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Rifle used in the movie “The Revenant” built by Ron Luckenbill