Below we have listed some of our more popular barrel designs, however not all of them. It should be noted that in most cases we can increase or decrease barrel size over the entire length of barrel. This mostly pertains to the octagon to round barrels when a customer would like a “Petite” barrel in a smaller overall size and caliber. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us. Also, the drawings shown are “exaggerated” to give a better visual idea of the barrel. For instance, the Griffin Fowler below does not have a breech section that tapers that much, but is shown like this so it is understood that it does have a double taper through it’s octagon section.

 “A” weight swamped barrels can handle 36 and 40 Caliber.

“B” weight swamped barrels, 36 thru 50 caliber.

“C” weight swamped barrels, 36 thru 54 caliber.

“D” weight swamped barrels, 36 thru 62 caliber.

The exception is the 42″ Classic American barrel which we can do in “A” weight 45 caliber and “C” weight 58 caliber.