The Rifle Shoppe

1680's Hand Mortar Built By: John Bosh


    This page is for unique services that we provide for The Rifle Shoppe customers. For there web site go to . We produce barrels for TRS customers on a per order bases. We usually can provide a fast turn around on these orders. We produce all our barrels to drawings from The Rifle Shoppe. The Rifle Shoppe is well known for their historically accurate copies of antique firearms. Many years of research through the study of original weapons and documentation has allowed The Rifle Shoppe to become the leading supplier of parts, parts sets, and weapons for those that want only the most accurate in historic detail. We at Colerain Barrel Company will also supply to you only the finest barrels in quality and historic detail. All of our barrels are manufactured to be used with full black powder loads if desired. No need to worry about inferior strength barrels.


    Breech plugs will be installed in all barrels unless not required because of design.


    When you go to The Rifle Shoppe web site, use the search box to search the country of origin for the weapon that you are interested in. Or click Catalog.



We can provide the “Steel Certification” on the barrels we manufacture.

Мы можем предоставить Сертификат на металл стволов нашего производства.





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