General Information


  • We produce rifled barrels up to 44” long

  • Smooth bore barrels can be made to slightly over 46”

  • All barrels, with very few exceptions, come with a fitted breech plug that is witnessed marked to the barrel.

  • All muzzles are crowned

  • There are many different barrel configurations, to many for us to list all. Patterns can be shortened, or lengthened. Octagonal to round barrels are more easily customized.

  • We have also been producing, and receiving inquires for barrels with "flat bottom" rifling. We have never advertised other than "round bottom" rifling before, but feel we need to let everyone know that we can rifle "flat bottom".

  • We have also been asked several times if we can produce barrels with polygon bores. Yes, we can. It is something of interest to me and I would be willing to discuss the topic with any that are interested. It would require me to special grind cutters per caliber. I expect .40 and .45 to be the ones most interest is for.





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